The French, meh.

The height of discrimination: Denying a person a hotel room for not having a doctoral degree. No, seriously.


3 thoughts on “The French, meh.

  1. PeeTeeVee says:

    What?! When did this happen? And what’s the story?

  2. Raps says:

    The story is quite simple. I needed acco in Bordeaux for 6 days. I asked this hotel close to the campus if they had any free rooms. Their reply?

    XXX YYY is not open to students. You must absolutely
    have a doctorate.
    Is ist (sic) your case ?

    Best regards,



  3. Amul says:

    Lol :P.. I thought you were planning to go to Italy.. when did Bordeaux turn up in your itinerary?

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