That odd person who gets me….or at least my taste in food

“….like many vegetarians, I like my food spicy. This is mysterious to many people, the same ones who also assume that vegetarians must be pacifists and partial to clothes made out of hemp. As a result, I have suffered more tasteless meals than the sins of my previous lives merit.”

– Suketu Mehta

The caveat, of course, being that I am generally a worse cook than the ‘vegetarians’  here.

P.S. Pineapples in chhole, anyone?

P.P.S. My latest clashes with the lecturer (who, incidentally, is my advisor’s wife): After I rebuffed her claim that ’30 Rock’ remains one of the best shows on TV, she appalls me by subscribing to tofu. Yes, she’d be a vegetarian. Oh, the horror.


3 thoughts on “That odd person who gets me….or at least my taste in food

  1. Shrey says:

    Why are you rebuffing your advisor’s wife’s claims, while also ditching him for your phd? How is that going btw? Done with the GRE?

  2. Saagar says:

    Someone once told me- the worst thing you can possibly eat is Tofu. You can convey the same.

  3. PeeTeeVee says:

    Vegetarianism has a high charm here. It’s sort of a cult. But it also sucks ardently in restaurants because one must put up with bland leaves for food.

    Also, your cooking is a disaster if those pineapples really did make it into the chhole! O.o

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