On demand

Now Lefty’s done it. Blogger’s menopause, eh? I suppose it hardly occurred to you that between sem breaks is about the only time I get to talk to people on a regular basis. Don’t worry. I plan to keep you occupied for the next week. Or not. Sem begins Tuesday. Sigh. ‘And when thou shalt finally get thy research to go somewhere, the course load shalt descend and hit thee like a ton of bricks.’  Add to that apping, grapping, and visapping.

The sun keeps getting up drowsier in the morning as the year wears on, and I am an obliging companion in lethargy. The wave of bright new faces brings an air of nausea, and the familiarity of a lab all to myself shall be missed. There is a sprightliness to people’s steps that I find hard to believe PTV shall ever share. In any case, I hope with all my heart that, a year on from today, I can meet him somewhere in the middle of the Grand Canyon, brandishing a lightsaber (apologies to Banga, but you might still find this amusing) and confront him with Vader’s first lines to Kenobi in the original movie. To borrow from Banga’s archives, High Hopes? Or Comfortably Dumb?

But back to Lefty’s whines. I know we have had our (time) differences, but we can work it out. For your entertainment. Before you leave for the land of chocolates and Tintin. You monster.


2 thoughts on “On demand

  1. Shrey says:

    That was quick. I would pay to watch Rapu vs PTV anywhere, anytime.
    And thanks for all the publicity 😀

  2. Saagar says:

    Ok, so after my post egging all you lazybones on, both you and PTV have obliged. Some good did come out of it then.
    Still picturing the 2 of you light-saber dueling atop the Grand Canyon.

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