True Beauty

I was never one for music videos. They clutter and jam space. They spoil sound quality and your taste for music.  Verily, they are a musical geek’s bane.

That is when I realised that the version of ‘Tum aa gaye ho’ I had was corrupted. Since I was programming and did not wish to while away time (please take note at this point that I was still concerned about the ramifications of my actions), I did a Ctrl+T  youtube Ctrl+Enter to get a whole list of Asha Bhosle songs. And while the entire list was very enchanting (as always), one song stood out. I had never watched Howrah Bridge, so when I did see the video version of  ‘Aaiye Mehrbaan’, even the word legendary fails to describe it.

Moral of the story: If Marilyn Monroe had been a million times more beautiful, and had Enya ever got around to singing ‘Happy Birthday to you, Mr President’ for her in that so-called sensuous voice, they should still have been overshadowed in the umbra region of Asha Ji’s skill and Madhubala’s beauty.


5 thoughts on “True Beauty

  1. Shreyas says:

    Crazy Geek Wifi. I still don’t have a single music video in my comp. Except for ARR’s Jana Gana Mana( and the legendary Padi da (

    (Do HREF’s work in wordpress comments)

  2. Of all music videos I have, the most legendary one turns out to be ARR’s legendary Jana Gana Mana. That apart, I love this one song from Devdaas. Shreya Ghoshal’s depth, Kavitha Krishnamoorthy’s modulated high pitch and Kay Kay’s breath-control, along with Madhuri Dixit’s grace and AIshwarya’s beauty makes this song rather legendary!
    But certainly greats like M S’s Bhaja Govindam and the Tirupati songs, Yesudas’s Harivaraasanam make you feel divine! And then there’s Madhubala’s Godly beauty! Weird Geek Wifi!

  3. Raps says:

    @semisimplicity:Now that you have posted a comment longer than my post, it becomes imperative that I reply to it. So there.
    @shreyas: This is a courtesy reply thanks to semi. Thank him.

  4. PeeTeeVee says:

    Well, there are certain other ones. Try the video version of Jagjit Singh’s song “Woh Kaagaz ki Kashti”.

  5. Saagar says:

    and there’s always Stop Stop Stop

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