Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis

This is great! That PDE exam was a pushover. Three freaking questions! And all of them could have been answered by a first year undergrad! Man, I am basking in the Sun alright. Even if there is no Sun. Did they think they could do me in with that level of exams?

Or did they? Come to think of it, that exam was TOO easy. There is no free candy. Hell, the assignments took longer. And the prof did say there would be fewer questions if the exam was tough. Three questions seems a bit low to me. Something fishy is going on here.

Did I get to do all the questions? Did I read all the problems in the booklet? Well, there were only six pages. Two pages per question. No, that is out of the question. I could not have missed any questions. Then….
But the last question. It asked for the maximum value for the Laplacian defined in the exterior of the circle. I solved it for the formula and got the result from there. But was I supposed to solve it? Now you come to think of it, I think I can prove the maximum principle for this case. Was I supposed to use that? A completely explicit solution would give me the same result. But would I be given credit for that? Oh God, did I just screw up my exam?

I need coffee. Lots of it.