The Bottomless Pit

Thirteen. Thirteen out of forty two in the first half hour. I’d say it is a bumper turn out. I’ve seen two in the first forty minutes. The prof doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t even mind that I am not noting down the points that he is dictating. The Don tactically kept the sudoku page to herself when I asked her for the paper, effectively handing me one of those scraps you find thelas use to wrap oily food. Clearly, nobody is studying. Well, save three people in the front row.

Reading newspaper in class is an earache. Fizz, crumple, crackle, crr. No reflex from the prof. He must have been conditioned over the years. Now I’m really bored. Twenty minutes still left in the lecture, plus around an hour’s infringement after that. Bet you he’ll extend it. The poor late comers won’t know what hit them.

There was a moment of hope when he said “I will just stop here….” Ah, freedom! “…and go for the………..” @!$%. One more lamb arrives to the slaughterhouse.

Using symbols for swear words rekindles some fond memories (ironic, eh?). This was a technique oft used by Lee Falk in Phantom. It went something like ‘ “()#%$%@!”*; *- Unspeakable Llongonese word’. My nine year old mind interpreted it as a word that cannot be satisfactorily represented by the Roman script. Asterix took it a level further. &%$&@- Roman. &%$&@– Gothic. Murty, a blog five to celebrate the power of italics.

Thirty odd now. Still five minutes to end of class. No retardation in the lecture, no sign of an end to the monotone, no dampening of ‘enthusiasm’ detected in the prof. He’s talking about cameras. Speaking of which, Nikon has divested the D90 of some of its funkier features to create the cheaper D5000, which, I hear, is a class act. A fine investment, I’d say.

The class has filled up. Tick- tock. The sound of feet and voices from neighbouring classes drifts in, and everyone looks wistfully at the door. A few bold ones make eye contact with the prof and plead. “…..and, at the end, we have the linear detector……” No respite, no mercy. We of the fourth year are cursed people.


4 thoughts on “The Bottomless Pit

  1. Murty says:

    Blog five!
    And my apologies, I wasn’t able to relate to the post too much. Haven’t been to class in the past five days.

  2. Ahuja says:

    ‘We of the fourth year are cursed people.’
    Hah, with one class per day… Look who is complaing.
    And next time, take your Rubik’s cube with you. Infinitely more interesting than Sudoku, and without the earache..
    P. S. : Two in the first forty minutes??? And one of them was YOU???

  3. Saagar says:

    And I thought arriving 55 minutes late would do the trick. How wrong I was. The class went on for another 40 mins.

  4. Shrey says:

    Ha. Haven’t been to the class for about a week now. Jai fourth year!

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