Morning Glory

It is not often that I wake up to a call at 6:30 in the morning. After a few minutes of chit chat in which I tried to keep my voice up and not sound sleepy, I grudgingly discarded the comfort of my bedsheet, which was stained red after valiantly protecting me from the assault of a million mosquitoes through the night. The washerman arrived and I sent the sheet for a funeral with full military honours. As I did, the sun flashed in my eyes.

“Oh God! Is it that time of the day already?” Daylight. The sun shone with a benevolence that I had not had the chance to witness for an entire week. Not too warm, not too cold. The light fills you, embraces you and energizes you. In fact, today, it was potent enough to send me off to have breakfast.

Now, breakfast is a concept that is pretty difficult to understand if you have been missing it for the past semester. Eleven o’clock meals do not constitute breakfast. Five o’clock night-out snacks too are out of bounds. So, I expect that the better part of the day will be spent in the analysis of an untimely ingestion of food, which implies that I shall probably miss lunch. Amazing how soon your body clock adapts to unwanted changes in your routine.

It is 9 o’clock now, and I am still virtually the only soul awake in the wing. Lefty has graciously given up his bed to the needy, and the needy (numbering more than one), are distributed among four rooms, the atmosphere in all of which seems to be saturated with the left overs of last night’s revelry. With nothing better to do than wait for the troops to get up, here I sit, trying to piece together a blog post with no matter. It is a good way to kill time, all right.


5 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. Chronoz says:

    One question: Chit chat at morning 6:30? Who else is awake at such unearthly hours?

  2. Chronoz says:

    Or was it a foreign friend?

  3. Murty says:

    So very true. Even I’ve forgotten the feeling of having a nice relaxed breakfast. I never really liked the ones in R, anyway.
    Maybe it’s the milk.

  4. dela says:

    The watery milk and powdery bread notwithstanding, breakfast is one meal I simply can’t do without. I’m devoted to bread and butter- a trait I share with my boyhood crush, Gwendolen Fairfax.

  5. Shrey says:

    I’ve probably had breakfast more often after a night out than after waking up. Nevertheless, I usually skip the regulars and have bread almost fried in butter and dip it in tea. Used to be my favorite snack.
    Heard a bit about the trip from lefty. Welcome back.

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