The Sound of Music

The sports fest in our insti was a bash. Basketball and football golds, great performances in athletics, loads of movies collected and ten-hour sleep routines underlined the three days. For me, though, the sports held little meaning- not that I am not happy that we won that clutch basketball final. I was busy collecting stuff for my- wait for it- 1 TB hard disk. Much work still remains to be done, but with the tests around, I doubt if anyone will entertain a vela 4th yearite. But I got enough movies to last my brother the next year (hopefully after leaving out the seriously strange ones), hope to fill up on sitcoms and series, have an appointment to collect mind your language, and have now got a 60 odd GB music collection, no videos.

On that last part. First, let me acknowledge the contributors. Dela, Sunky…..brilliant musical taste. Especially the Sound of Music original soundtrack. Love it. Also, all that music actually reminded me that I had commitments in other places too. So, it was not without a large amount of guilt and some misgivings that I took the detour to the auditorium in order to just make sure the last musical event of the academic year was going on track. In fact, it was my last musical program as a member of the music section. Little known fact one: I play the violin.

The day before, when I looked in, I knew things could go terribly wrong. Wrong scales, off-beats, faulty mics. As usual. I didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know. Most of them are virtuosos in their own right, probably far better than I am. But I felt good about trying to be a help.

The next day, I am called up to the auditorium a few minutes in advance. I saunter out, catch a bite, then head off to watch the basketball finals. Fifteen minutes to the end of the game, I am cheering from the crowd, one face among the hundred who had no idea that the program was going to start any minute.

We won in a climactic finish, by a single point. I managed to get Sushi and Triple H to accompany me to the auditorium, promising them nothing, making sure that their expectations don’t reach levels beyond mediocre. Ah, they wouldn’t have anyway. We all took the longer route to the show. Tell you a lot.

First thing that catches our eye as we enter- late- is that a fellow Lit is compering. As she expected, we did ask “What the hell are you doing?”. To each his own, I say. And so we settled down for the rest of the show.

Thinking about it now, this was one of the best performances given by the section in my time here. I finally got to here the new rock artist sing. A brilliant find. The instrumentals were reasonably well coordinated, largely thanks to the efforts of Yella V 2.6 and a second year Meta chap. Vocals were hashed at times. For once, I did not quite tell them that. Many of them were singing their last songs on this stage. I knew my last performance sucked big time, and I didn’t like that.

A concluding victory lap on the stage was boycotted by me for being too corny. It told me where I belonged. I love music. I have had some brilliant time at the section. But I am just not made in the same mould as them. They are passionate, talented, hard-working people. I can’t keep up with that. I can’t function as their group does. I often skipped celebrating with them after every show. Such a close knit group- it would be most other groups envy. But my individuality would not liven that group. It would only be suppressed under the social norms that govern such a body. What a pity. I would have liked to know most of them better. Especially when others ask me questions about who the people on stage are.

I might have been a visible figure in Lit, but I chose to be obscure here. I came and went on a need-to-play basis. I even turned down the offer to perform in Chennai. You can’t have everything, I suppose. The least I can do is acknowledge them as a small, significant part of my life here that I have ignored for too long. So long, farewell…..

p.s. Not sentiaap, people. More of a duty to be done.


4 thoughts on “The Sound of Music

  1. Murty says:

    Sorry but I never really came around to watching you play. For once, I hope I did miss something!

    And, yes, Dhun was one of Music Section’s better shows. Without really spoiling the prevalent mood, that isn’t saying much, you know.

  2. Rakesh says:

    Without trying to be too naive…was the comperer a lit?!!? Didnt know that!
    And Dhun was better than most other music sec programmes… although the Nth Degree Rock show last yr was awesome!!

  3. Naveen Desiraju says:

    C’mmon da, u were very much an integral part of the sec (although i have to agree with the socializing part). What wud the guys hav done without u always there to sort out the off-scales and off-beats? U talk as if u dont consider urself a part of the sec.
    Speaking of which, i need to tell u (if u dont already know), sec is planning a 4th yr farewell trip to Kullu-Manali for next thursday eve. You’re coming, right??

  4. Saagar says:

    I second Desi. You were as much a part of Music as anyone else. The only thing that you didn’t do, unlike the rest of the crew, was that you didn’t flirt with the Music girls.
    Or didn’t you? 😉

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