The Greats

I have changed my theme. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you are a first timer (wishful thinking) and haven’t. Anyway, HHH commented he liked this theme a lot. I loved it on first sight, but I had misgivings about a dark theme with no header image. But the name is class ( Azad Bhawan Day, anyone?). Chaos theory. The perfect name. My 11th grade project. The Joker. Michael Chricton. Black holes. In short, it speaks Lit like no other team ever does. And I’ve kind of started liking the white on dark combo. Feels like a perpetual night, cool, embracing, with the stars shining down on you. You feel blessed.

Interesting post today (you wish). A list of the most memorable quizzes I’ve participated in. Gunda- style memorable too…..

  1. Freshers 2005- Team: UD Sn., Supraj Paleti and yours truly. In-tuh-resting combo. We did qualify. We did answer. We did finish in 7th place. And we did witness an all-girl team winning a quiz for the first (only?) time ever.
  2. Inter-Bhawan 2006- Team- The Good Boy, another Lit hater, and me. Pipped out the long established quizzing champions of the first year, answered Scarlet Pimpernal and Murphy, made Matthew cry, and came 4th amidst the Titans of Trivia. Oh, and a 100 buck cash prize for best RJB team, in an era when every paisa was accounted for.
  3. Lefty’s RJB quiz- Team: As above. Result: Second place.Reason: Mispronounced Fermat as Fermi, knowing full well they are two different people. Wonder if it still lies somewhere in the archives. Worth going through.
  4. Mummy’s India Quiz (Thomso 2006)- Ehhh???? Bilkul gum?
  5. Quizzotica general quiz (Cognizance 2006)- Team: Lefty, the Wild Bore and me. Earning respect wasn’t hard after this. All thanks to Keerthi, who very gracefully stepped aside to bring about a balance of power.
  6. Thomsonian 2006- Lone wolf number 1. Vinu concots a brilliant potion of geekiness, dudeness and rudeness to dazzle a very cooperative audience. Bhalu fumes over how the 2nd yearites c2d’d to cut him out. He’ll never let them chat in the same quizzing hall again. Mathew takes the sole podium, leaving me adrift by 4 points.
  7. Titans of Trivia (Thomso Encore 2006)- Team: Lefty, SriP and me. Chetri feeds, KQA eats, we get the crumbs, the others are left starving. Though Mho and Tejo did exact some sadistic pleasure out of the fact that Vinu and Mathew didn’t even come close.
  8. Lefty’s connect quiz 2007- Team: SriP, the Wild Bore and me. Close fight, Dela’s team wins. First time we were outstripped by the juniors in a general quiz. Classy, really long quiz.
  9. Vinu’s Old Monks 2007- Team: Khandekar, Lefty and me. Now, here’s a quiz! Oh yeah, we won. Eventually. Too long had we waited for this moment. Too long had we suffered. We covet it as ours, our own, our precious.
  10. Praneeta and Kaptan’s Old Monks #1 2007- Some fun, some classy antics, no crowd, and walking off in the middle just as we were winning.
  11. Thomsonian 2007- Much is remembered about this quiz. Especially the great chocolate incident. Mathew played the cool, elderly gentleman, while Tejo chose this moment to enact the angry young man. Apologies were passed, and NesC made a huge profit on chocolates. In the midst of all this, Ramakrishnan decides to go into hyper mode and trumps me by 2 points. So close
  12. Comfortably Dumb (Thomso 2007)- Team: Well, technically SriP, Lefty and yours truly. Reliance comes round to recruit interns, and I end up with the geeky team name T(t)= Team at time t/T(-1)= SriP, Lefty, Raps. The duo occasionally make guest appearances to aid me, but in the end, I am left alone for good. I guess being a geek helps in Banga and UD’s quiz after all. We finish second.
  13. UD’s quiz- Team: SriP, AP, me. For once, Lefty and the Wild Bore are not on my team. Seems like I needed a change. Well, it worked. We won. AP’s brilliant. By the way, this is the “Can I?” quiz.
  14. Ashesh Memorial 2008- Team: SriP, AP and me. Lefty’s chickenpox came at a bad time. Four freaking points.
  15. Tejo’s Old Monks 2008- For the reason that no one turned up. Sorry da.
  16. Thomsonian 2008- Finally. I almost thought I wouldn’t qualify. Thankfully, I did. Even more thankfully, some of the giants didn’t. Well, a victory is a victory. I haven’t collected the prize yet, though.
  17. The Lit Quiz (Nihilanth 2008)- Team: SriP, Lefty and me. Why did we qualify? Anyway, to this quiz, we owe the origin of the LitSec grand password- catamite- and its motto of specializing in emotional ****wittage. For once, I won’t mind the profanity.
  18. The general, auto, sports, biztech and ent quizzes (Gnosiomania 2009)- Brilliant questions, very, very short quizzes. The insti topped biztech and had podiums in almost all. Nice one.
  19. Ashesh Memorial 2009- Team: SriP, Lefty, me. Our turn to win. We did. We bow to the Don. All hail!
  20. Quizzotica general (Cognizance 2009)- Team: UD Sr., Lefty, me. Shettingar cometh, the prizeth go our way. Most people remember these as the Europa and Venus quiz. And Dela would remember it for the classic “Are you passing it?” line.
  21. Quizzotica MMS quiz (Cognizance 2009)- Team: Mho, Lefty, me. To the dud team that came so close!

That’ll be all for now. If you didn’t notice, that’s 21, i.e. 42/2. No post could have gelled with this team better.


13 thoughts on “The Greats

  1. Ahuja says:

    Love the theme da….. Uncluttered and classy…

    I have been here for the latter half of your Roorkee stint, and its been awesome quizzing with you. You are THE Geek and myself being a wannabe-geek(Desi’s blogpost, anyone?), it has been educational just watching you take apart the most arbit questions with brilliant ‘nonchalance’! Seriously da, it will not be the same without you!!

    As for the 21, it’s one brilliant chronological list that every wannabe-geek will treasure, nay, revere for the sheer arbit-awesome-brilliaaaaance of it all.

    Cheers to you Rapu, and may you ‘phodofy’ the upcoming Old Monks as well!!

    P. S. : YOU MISSED MENTIONING ‘SERVICE’!!! It was the high point of Gnosiomania!!

    P. P. S. :Yes, I am senti….

  2. Chronoz says:

    1. Nice theme albeit a bit simple, but still better than your last.
    2. I guess its that time of the year when all fourth years get senti and go down memory lane.
    3. I can’t believe you actually remembered all this..
    4. I remember my HS teacher telling me that reverse chronological order is the in-thing nowadays. you forget that.
    5. Is the 42/2 a coincidence? Nah, can’t be. I’m sure this figures in the bigger scheme of things in a geek’s life. 🙂

  3. Saagar says:

    The Theme sucks. The post rocks.
    Very well chronicled indeed.
    Oh, and the first time you lost to juniors was not my Connects quiz but my 42. Ironical, eh?
    You missed Quizzotica-2008. Where Kaptaan and Tejo pipped us by a point.
    And ToT-08 too. We’re the Titans of Trivia, da. Boast while you can.

  4. Murty says:

    For sheer nonchalance in the face of ultimate arbitrariness, I award you, Rapu, with sniffs, grunts, sneezes and (imaginary) tears.

    The senility has got to me.

  5. Shrey says:

    You probably don’t care but I hate white on black themes for the reason that once I’m done reading, I can see a ghost of your writing on every white page. Something related to rods and cones, I suppose.
    Hail Meta!

  6. Raps says:

    Emulate me, and you’ll have no life
    I wanted to gloat. So I’ll go again- Quizzotica 2009 champions.
    I thought 42 came after the connects quiz. In fact, I am sure of it. P.S. ToT 2008 wasn’t that memorable. No classy moments of epiphany.
    Mbbbb….Hmmmm…..Sob….That’s so nice!
    I do know your preference for white. But I kind of like the way you put it.
    “I can see a ghost of your writing on every white page.” Makes you feel important. Seriously. P.S. In solidarity with all geeks, how can you not like Chaos Theory just for the name?

  7. dela says:

    Dumb theme. Though not quite as bad as the Canine’s, it is a pain on the eyes nevertheless.

    And since sentiaap seems to be the order of the day, sniff!

    FYI, we won PTV’s Old Monks.

  8. Srishti says:

    Umm, sorry if I’m being impudent, but what’s the significance of 42?

  9. Raps says:

    Nope, not impudent, just ignorant :). Blame your brother for not telling you.
    Seriously, you haven’t spread word about the answer???? After all those dedications in quizzes????

  10. Saagar says:

    The answer is to be discovered, not told.

  11. Ahuja says:

    Very generous.. I wonder what kind of adjectives I would have been labelled with had I asked the same question…

    Can’t believe you had a quiz called 42…. and people don’t know…..


  12. Shrey says:

    Frankly my dear, both Chaos Theory and 42 are too bourgeois in the geek world.
    The *real* geeks create their own ultimate answers (

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