Crap. I lost some 50 rupees worth of balance answering calls on a single day. Fame exacts a dear price at times. Too dear, as you realize when you go through the estimated cost of living in California…….

Apparently I wrote the last post too soon. More decisions awaited me,  as I found out some 12 hours later. Maybe my brain wouldn’t have been reduced to powder had I managed to screw up my GRE. Oh well. On the bright side, I don’t need to decide whether a company is worthy of being graced with my name on its payroll. Oh, and you are welcome, arbit unemployed person reading this blog.

There have been calls telling me that this isn’t a difficult choice to make. I disagree. And so does my family. And 3 people who are currently (hopefully) pondering over what choice would benefit me the most. (You know, it is at times like this that I seriously despise the devaluation of currency)

And to move on to other, very important news, I finished all level of this brilliant game:

Great timepass, if you ask me. Also try Suicide Salaryman. That’s hilarious. And 4-2 is awesome! Do I detect jealous glares and vacant stares?

Come next week, I hope things will be clearer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to be the next Sheldon Cooper. Logically improbable, though. Don’t get me started.


3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. dela says:

    In the wise words of the very wise Barney Stinson, you have way too much free time.

  2. Saagar says:

    Repu. Don’t show such Tambi stinginess. 50 bucks for a Stan call, da.

  3. Shrey says:

    Rapetor that’s really good news, da. Congrats, though I’m hazy on the details.

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