You won’t be surprised to know I am home. Naah…..I’m in 4-2 after all. What’s the point in staying back? Especially if you live some 180 odd km away (my sympathies, Dela da). So that was my first decision. My sem break shall be spent in the usual place.

Fear not, there is more to come, but I need to fill space and make sure everyone knows the situation. So, let me recount the past harrowing/amazing/harrowing week. For a start, I was found working in the department. Pop the eyes back in, please. My project partner had decided that it was about time I actually gave him a hand. And so, he wisely slipped off, leaving me like a beachball in the clutches of a pretty active seal, who certainly exercised too much for his own good health. Meta guys, take note and translate for any flummoxed individuals nearby. And so started my 10 hour day routine- 9 A.M. to 7 or 8 P.M. I even missed the show put on at SB while stirring some sodium potassium niobiate sample. But at the end of the week, I did see a smile of satisfaction on the seal’s face, and I knew I had made a mark when he said he’ll be sending cubs far larger than me to receive instructions from yours truly. I am flattered.

Well, where does that leave us? My second decision- I shall not, in knowing or unknowing, work for 10 hours in a laboratory ever again. Period. Stamp that, attest it, and send it to be included in the Constitution. It should be a fundamental right.

My third decision. Ah well. Once in a while, good things do happen. Like last Wednesday, when the great Meta team of the Don, Lefty and me won the long lusted for Ashesh Memorial quiz. That’s three thousand bucks a piece. Wooooooo! I had planned to dedicate an entire post to it, but I won’t rub it in further.

And so, you see, amidst all the madness, you find tiny glimmers of harmless senility. And so, based on some mails that I had received a few days ago, I declare I will withdraw from the placements the moment I get a call. But naturally! Not much of a decision, is it? I just thought I’d make myself clear.

My final decision shall be castigated by a large number of people. I do not understand their feelings and feel no sympathy for their actions. I do not accept responsibility for any suicides related to this. Okay. Hold your breath. I shall not hold a quiz for Old Monks.






(Expect murmurs)

(Someone shouts out something obscene)

(Now I am sure that red projectile is a tomato. Or it a red iPod?)

Hell, I did not say I won’t have an Old Monks! I just won’t have a quiz. I was getting a little tired of being in the same old rut. I want to try something new. Something on the lines of a treasure hunt maybe. Any takers? Ideas invited.


7 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Murty says:

    I almost lunged for the comment button when you said it first. But, treasure hunt? I wonder…

  2. Saagar says:

    Shrey suggested a lap dance. Both you and Naman.

  3. Chronoz says:

    Congrats on Aasheesh.

    Treasure hunt….. is this your latest plant to get more members of the fairer sex to participate in Lit?

  4. Raps says:

    Get real, Shreyas. Fairer sex? In Roorkee? Alchemy would work better. No, this plan was wrought by my unconditional love for you people (aaaaawwww).

  5. dela says:

    Why not? It’s a tradition da.

    And Ashesh Memorial was a bloody fluke, poetic justice or not.

  6. Anirudh says:

    A few more dots and I’m sure some of us would have made our way to Delhi and made sure you’re in no position to make your way back to Roorkee! Anyway, breaking the habit is good… Hope it pays – as much as the A. Mem. Quiz (congrats on that, btw!)

  7. Saagar says:

    @ Dhila
    Ashesh Memorial a fluke, eh? I guess we know who won’t be getting a treat for our victory. Muhuhahaha.
    Anju Mahendru rocks.

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