While it would be ridiculous to state that the title has not been inspired from the Decayed Canine’s hallowed posts, I would like to state in my defence that it is getting more than just a little misty out there (I’d use foggy, but I figured that is copyrighted). Anyway, I feel like a member of the reserve force. You know the type- train hard, well, not REAL hard in my case, but hard enough, wait forever in full battle vestments, and are never actually called on to the battlefields. Plus, you get bitten by mosquitoes, come down with malaria, and die an uneventful death on a sick bed. Not what you learnt to use an M16 for.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up what’s going on with me. Kind of my fault too, but hey, you could give me a chance. Now it’s got a bit irritating to get up in the morning everyday to scan the notices for eligible companies, or rather, to check if we are eligible (which, my friends, is what it should ideally be like). In the meantime, I have rekindled my affair with FRIENDS, and have promised myself a DVD collection should I get a job. And though I see people getting desperate here, with the unemployed rushing to get placed, and the placement team rushing to save their skins, there is a modicum of solitude (yeah, I did copy that too), and I have manged to cling on to dear sanity. 

Now, seeing that the time’s getting insane, and that I need to execute a promise I made to Lefty, I’ll be signing off, without reviewing a post that I know serves no purpose other than recording the trials that this batch has had to face, albeit with a personal touch. Better than cursing the world anyway, ain’t it?


4 thoughts on “Mist

  1. Murty says:

    We shall overcome… We shall overcome one day-eh-eh-eh-eh…

  2. Saagar says:

    I second Murty. And thanks for fulfilling the promise. You woke me up, too, as you might have guessed. And the mail got sent just in time.

  3. Anirudh says:

    No doubt the M16 will find its use very soon. Just keep the mosquitoes away till then.

  4. k9 says:

    Seeing that I’m stark broke, and quite jobless till I get an offer letter from TCE, methinks I should demand a royalty of you. And it will be begotten of your own confession… 😀

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