While it would be ridiculous to state that the title has not been inspired from the Decayed Canine’s hallowed posts, I would like to state in my defence that it is getting more than just a little misty out there (I’d use foggy, but I figured that is copyrighted). Anyway, I feel like a member of the reserve force. You know the type- train hard, well, not REAL hard in my case, but hard enough, wait forever in full battle vestments, and are never actually called on to the battlefields. Plus, you get bitten by mosquitoes, come down with malaria, and die an uneventful death on a sick bed. Not what you learnt to use an M16 for.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up what’s going on with me. Kind of my fault too, but hey, you could give me a chance. Now it’s got a bit irritating to get up in the morning everyday to scan the notices for eligible companies, or rather, to check if we are eligible (which, my friends, is what it should ideally be like). In the meantime, I have rekindled my affair with FRIENDS, and have promised myself a DVD collection should I get a job. And though I see people getting desperate here, with the unemployed rushing to get placed, and the placement team rushing to save their skins, there is a modicum of solitude (yeah, I did copy that too), and I have manged to cling on to dear sanity. 

Now, seeing that the time’s getting insane, and that I need to execute a promise I made to Lefty, I’ll be signing off, without reviewing a post that I know serves no purpose other than recording the trials that this batch has had to face, albeit with a personal touch. Better than cursing the world anyway, ain’t it?



We are all pretty down at the moment. Let me see….the exact feeling is a motley of outrage, apprehension, worry and disappointment. Placement season has got off to a gloomy start, probably the gloomiest that any of us will ever witness. And while we try to find threads of hope and cling on for dear sanity, the tide still looms, the tempest roars on.

Shakespeare seems to enter my more or less mundane world quite often. I encountered The Merry Wives of Windsor in a crossword today morning. Thanks to my thankless-for-a-reason department, I have been exempted from appearing for at least two of the companies being opened for the department, down to the final job offer. Which means- I am free and have nearly bitten my fingers off. Seeing that there are only three companies that are offering anything to the Iron Men this time, I can finally state- I am really and truly screwed. The crisis is now more real than ever, and, for once, the ‘elite’ of the country are wetting their diapers.But then, this is a trap of our own making. Little work, misplaced faith and complacency have demanded a price- our futures.

That apart, the ones who deserve to keep theirs are being unfairly dealt with. Explain why a company would go through all the trouble of three rounds of interviews to shortlist two from twenty, and reject both. Or why the most eligible person for a job on campus is paying the price of his intern guide’s gross negligence. Or why one bright young man is eyed by covetous people who reach their hands out to the girl next to him. Here is an indication of something gone wrong. We have debated so often on work ethics. If there is none, please tell us so now. If there is a social obligation, inform us beforehand. But all we ask for is that these companies be blunt. No amount of circumlocution can possibly obscure the fact that gross injustice has been perpetrated at some level. Maybe it is not the companies. But somewhere down the line, it exists.

Through all this, there are always glimmers of hope. Mho got through on account of sheer boldness and locution. Hats off/pagdi to him. There are more who have made it through, and reduce the burden on the rest of us. A bow to them for their chivalry or selfishness, whichever it is.

As for me, I am still in limbo, waiting for that elusive shortlist that will enable me to wear the four thousand buck blazer that I bought. Meanwhile, I’ll just find a way of staying busy. And to the rest with me, the very best of luck.