The immediate reaction to the title might be to classify me as a catamite. Thankfully, my more jolly friends have spared me that embarrassment. Also, I just noticed that ‘catamite’ is not a registered word in the WordPress dictionary. And, as usual, MS Word fails me.

Besides discussing about such colourful words (ah yes, American English), I do have something to say. First, we had our convocation. A few of the old crowd turned up, but most left with their pockets heavier by the Degree rather than lightened by parties. Plus, some of them had serious issues, so we basically saw studies in desperation. She did show up, after a candid statement that she won’t spend a cent. While I did contemplate blackmailing her, the plan did not fall true, and, true to her word, left with a full purse.

To move on, I’ll be giving the Common Admission Test this Sunday. It’s over three years since I last gave a competitive examination (not counting the cut-throat TS’s and End Sems), so while I don’t feel any jitters, I am a bit skeptical about my preparation for the same. Hours and hours of examinations, practice questions and day long discussions have marked the lives of those dedicated to the cause. Me, I’m just looking for backup. Without a solid base to balance my future on, I am grabbing at every falling slab. Mind you, I am a good grabber.

The CAT differs markedly from the GRE. The latter is boring, dull, repetitive. The CAT does offer some challenge in this respect, but after a while you find out that it is just as dull, boring and repetitive, not to mention scarce on time. In the beginning, you are a kitten playing with a ball of wool. And when you find it unravels into a single string, you lose the fascination that gripped you before. It is just another damn paper, as pointless for the purpose it states itself to serve as a piece of paper to that grain of dust right opposite to the longitude that passes through Timbuktu.

Oh well, a job taken must be a job well done. I guess I’ll have to bear with the excitement of other prospective candidates for the next six days. Then I can give them all the boot. Avast, killjoys! And then I can relax…..till the End Sems, which shall be short and swift, and shall give way to the daunting prospect of getting a job. By job, I mean ANY job. I’d love to be a grad student. But I’ll settle for something that actually pays.

Now we know how Jerry feels as Tom stands guard at his hole.Here’s to the mouse.


4 thoughts on “CATcalls

  1. Murty says:

    And, boy, is catamite a popular word, or what!

  2. Murty says:

    Oops, totally forgot HTML! I started off with ‘All the best, Rapu!’

  3. Lefty says:

    CAT boy- It’s taking or writing the Common Exam Test, not giving.

  4. Raps says:

    Point duly noted. If I recall correctly, it’s the third time one of us has made this mistake.

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