You know you are a Geek when….

  1. You start this list.
  2. You contemplate categorizing the points as ‘necessary’, ‘if and only if’, and ‘sufficient, but not necessary’.
  3. You open your laptop before you open both eyes.
  4. Totally nonsensical jokes like “U C Perls and Rubys in Java” actually make sense to you.
  5. You argue over blog posts with friends.
  6. You realize that Kryptonite being element 126 is obvious.
  7. People tell you so.
  8. You take up a tough mathematics elective in the second coolest semester, are thoroughly thrashed, and still swoon over it as a spurned but loyal lover.
  9. You would rather stay in your room than head bang at a rock concert.
  10. The reason you are still awake at 2:00 A.M. is that you are updating software.
  11. You get over your Google fixation and go for ‘more versatile’ products, i.e. ditch Chrome for Firefox.
  12. You would rather have a girl’s chat id than her phone number.
  13. You say ‘wow’ when you see an article about gray goo or mob-controlling robots.
  14. You answer ‘Age of Conquerors’ when anyone asks what you favourite game is.
  15. You prefer to describe curves in the human anatomy as continuous, differentiable and bound functions.
  16. You realize that the curves on the graphs are more attractive.
  17. You’d rather have a person taking apart his or her computer than have that person endorse and use Microsoft products.
  18. Your behaviour is influenced more by the sitcoms and shows you watch on your laptop than by the people around you.
  19. You have a sudden urge to use Greek symbols like ∏, ω and ψ in your blog post.
  20. The crowd disperses as soon as you say “Did you…..” or “I think…..” or “So….”, or, for that matter, anything at all.
  21. Dinosaurs entrance you as half-inch long plastic toys with toothpaste, as life size, 2-D images on the screen in Jurassic Park, as the paper equivalent of the same, and as posters hung up in your room.
  22. You feel you are qualified to name psuedo-geeks as such.
  23. Your field of vision shifts from free food to free software.
  24. You prefer taking steps in recursive functions.
  25. You work out a problem, then take a long hard look at the solution, mutter “Crap. Inefficient looping”, and start over.
  26. You suggest two friends to use different permutations of shampoo and conditioner so that you can find out which one is better.
  27. You blank out when someone asks you your future plans, think hard, and then reply “Err. Study, I guess… a Masters, get a PhD or two….should keep me busy for the next ten years, before I decide what to do.”
  28. You finish the strips on and in three days, rolling on the floor with laughter as you go through them.
  29. Star Wars makes sense to you.
  30. Casablanca seems bathetic.
  31. You decide that Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics must be included in the Constitution in order to give robots equal rights.
  32. You start admiring these t-shirts.
  33. People start yelling at you for tweaking things on their computer so they run better.
  34. You make a quiz that even inveterate geeks find tough.
  35. You suffer withdrawal symptoms while not doing the day’s sudoku.
  36. During a laidback internship, you remark that you would like to see the simulation center.
  37. You borrow a friend’s new mobile to admire it, and end up being locked out by your room mate after you have been missing for over two hours.
  38. You try different concentrations of soap in water in bubble blowers, and thus infer the optimum concentration for stability.
  39. You complete 1000 perfect games of beginner Minesweeper while watching a series.
  40. You classify Batman as a non-scifi action-drama movie.
  41. You desperately try to get 42 points on this post.
  42. You actually enjoy being called one.

4 thoughts on “You know you are a Geek when….

  1. Amul says:

    All these characteristics are inherent in Dr. Sheldon Raptor [:P]

  2. Lefty says:

    You know that Rapu has become a perverted geek when:
    1. He comes and says, in a rapturous voice, that there are many short skirts on campus.
    2. He thinks the only reason one wants to talk to girls is because one wants to nail them.
    3. He notices curves and even writes about them in what is supposed to be a geeky post.
    I wonder if this comment will survive.

  3. Murty says:

    Every tail-wagging dog has its day… so does one which does so excessively…

    You know the guy who’s commenting is a geek when he takes great pleasure in typing out a horrendously misplaced comment on an otherwise sensible page just to prove that he has gone through the post…

  4. Amul says:

    You love only 42.
    (CAT) raise to the power (GRE) = YOU
    You love exaggeration of any situation, and retorting any question.
    You hate steels (actually you think, they can’t replace Raptor’s bone).
    Someone feels bad scoring higher than you in Geekiness (courtesy Chiraunji)
    blah, blah, blah….

    There are many more still left… you should try writing a sequel to this one… probably that won’t be enough

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