Quatrains for the Geek – Part 1

Ah! To be a geek without being a dork,

To write the code without spilling coffee,

To solve equations while engaged in lip lock,

Dream on, reader, and I’ll share my dreams with thee.


5 thoughts on “Quatrains for the Geek – Part 1

  1. dela says:

    I take it the URL and the poem have been inspired by the frequent parralels drawn between you and a certain theoretical physicist with a very hot neighbour.

    ‘To solve equations while engaged in lip lock’? How does that work?

  2. dela says:

    By the bye, three-finger gestures?

  3. Raps says:

    Yes. About your name. I couldn’t find a less fitting name, but then I couldn’t bear to insert something completely unoriginal. And as for the poem, loads of practice, man, loads of practice….

  4. Lefty says:

    I didn’t know dinosaurs could be engaged in a lip lock.
    And the only equation you might solve in such a scenario is how fast you’ll have to run before the unsuspecting smoochee wakes up.

  5. Raps says:

    Which, my dear Lefty, is why I wrote this poem…..a dream, a fancy, a phantasm playing at the back of our minds, no more, no less.

    Oh, and to save time, the answer, for me at least, is 40^2.

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