Shut Up!

While people have been finding the last post on this blog hard to digest (literally), I’ve been throwing up over the pathetic state of affairs in Orissa. And yes, I, for one, concurr with our PM that it is a national disgrace. But more than that, it is again a sign of the depravity that society can fall to when instigated by the insular race of Neanderthals who calim to be the true inhabitants of this country. True inhabitants! What brand of sophists would stoop to such lows of turpitude? And to cap it all, even the sacred date of October 2 was not left unblemished. It isn’t just a shame for the nation. It is a shame that people like these are called humans. It is a shame that they live and walk amongst us under the guise of ‘brothers in faith’.

And then the poor. The ignorant. The common man. We think we have it tough with an economic crisis. There, people are being killed because they failed to put up saffron flags to declare undying support to an evil cause. I watch the news, then watch it again, and then, finally facing what is, lament the abyss that humanity has fallen into. But is it any good? To quote from a truly meaningful movie “This article can probably stir up the hearts of a few people, maybe even make someone write a cheque, but it is not going to stop it.” Unfortunately, such tacit disagreement with the state of affairs makes no difference.

I know there is a lot more I could do than just write about all this. I am sure you know there is a lot more you could do than just read about it. But what we have in vision, we lack in courage. We lack the intrepid determination demanded of those who wish to make a difference. And weeping for our weakness is going to get us nowhere.

I could not act. Maybe this post can give you the courage to do so. Maybe it will let me overcome my fears. Maybe…..


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