Contrary to what the title reads, it’s actually three in the morning right now. Making up your mind to miss class has its advantages. I am just a teeny bit worried that the profs might call on the 75 percent criteria the very year they should worry least about it. But I’ll scrape through, as I always do.

About the title. I don’t plan to wait for golden rays to aureate the sky and foreshadow the arrival of that giant fiery orb. No sir. I plan to go to sleep and sleep through. Of course, if the light does wake me up, it is a bonus. I get to attend class, as does half the gang. But for now, I am beat.

The weekend ended on a happy note, with the exams going decent and the day passing unwasted. Coffee quality in this sleepy little town has doubled and the prices have increased by a factor of ten. Good food, though scarce, is still available, but can be enjoyed only if annoyingly garrulous people zip their lips, which would defeat the whole purpose of them being garrulous. Mercifully, the net still works and the room is as comfortable as ever.

Not a lot has changed since the exams. As I might have mentioned(or did I forget), they were a minor irritation, a low hump, a tiny mosquito bite while wading with anacondas. Life will go on in the same circle it has for the last three years.

I just yawned and noted that I missed five minutes of typing time. Might as well curl up. See you at daylight.


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