For those who came in late

Friends, readers, procrastinators. A short history of nearly everything shall be related here. Well, nearly everything that concerns me. And you, maybe. Of course, I am assuming that word of this blog might get around, a highly unlikely phenomenon unless the uber-bloggers of campus comment on it. That’s if they bother to read my comments first, and take the trouble of finding out who the hell is this guy?

But I digress. Where was I? Ah, yes. All that happened between the two blogs. To be quite frank, I did want to blog again, but I also desired some anonymity. When I left the scene, I was told by a very beautiful girl that I should not delete my e-print on Blogger. I did heed her advice, but to no avail. She should be in Eastern Russia by this September while I whine on about how hard it is to find a good grad school.

More on that front. Close friends have found closer companions and love’s potency is proved everyday. On the other hand, as the last of the 73 days come closer, Lefty decides to stoop to a new low and asks other people to set him up. Of course, we all did suggest he was targeting the wrong half (hundredth, in case you are thinking about inside the campus) of the populace.

The cheery side of turning 21, though. Final year’s here and we are, literally, free. The classes are few and far between and the exams follow the same trend. The Merry Men have got their chance to go to Mumbai and stay merrier than usual for awhile. I am just tagging along.

Panegyrics from some of the better writers I know have spurred me on, and the impending GRE forces my mind to insert lingual entities that flabbergast the neophyte. My laptop is still running without issues, though there are sufficient Windows for attack and error. I have taken to solving the Rubik’s cube. I do not think I made much progress with it after the first three hours, in which I worked out the basic principle and how to work out the first row and one sides. As usual, my burgeoning ego refuses to let me look up the solution on the net or in a book. Sudoku’s are better. There is no mystery about them at least. Plus, I have found new sudoku pals.

There is probably more that I could fill you in on, but then, I risk having to cross reference you to this post each time I pick up a thread. So I’ll end here to go to chat with a beautiful girl moving to Russia. Oh, cruel world!


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